inviting, originally uploaded by iamchanelle.

i am going crazy cleaning my house in preparation for Thanksgiving weekend- my little sister and her husband are coming to stay tonight, and i have grocery shopping to do, three desserts to make, downstairs to dust still, upstairs to scrub top to bottom, laundry coming out my ears AND i still have to work today. (oh yeah! did i mention i’m a stay-at-home mom who now has a not-always-at-home part time job as a product photographer? which i am so so so THANKFUL for, believe me.)

soooo, hopefully my sis and her man will find dust monsters and piles of dirty laundry inviting.

i know i just love it.

what do YOU have left to do today?



One thought on “inviting

  1. Well, you don’t want your house too stuffy and museum-like, do ya? Dirty laundry gives it that “you’re part of the family” feeling! 😉

    My to do list (summary version): Get Bold Avenue ready for Thanksgiving sale and decked out for Christmas, chop veggies, finish newsletter, kick this cold, and get the laundry done. So, yeah, nothing much going on here.

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