will it be enough

will it be enough, originally uploaded by iamchanelle.

this is neither making food nor eating food…

but it could count as singing for my supper, i suppose. ┬á i can always relate something to food, haha! ­čśë

i wanted you to see what i’ve been up to these days – it’s just a little slideshow i put together with a bitty song i wrote and recorded on a little mic in my living room late last night. [yawn!]

and?  my RAD friend Bryan Ferguson laid down some harmony for kicks and giggles, check it here.

i had way too much fun with it, and cannot wait to add more to make it a real grown up song someday.  music and life go hand in hand for me, and it thrills me to be able to actually work on projects like this.  stay tuned for more.

hope you all enjoy.



things i love IV: chamber music

things i love: chamber music, originally uploaded by iamchanelle.

i attended a chamber music concert + art display this evening. it was pure delight.

my friend kyle jordre had his beautiful artwork hanging all around The Icehouse, an incredible historic building in downtown phoenix, and a lovely concert was given in the midst of it – with this fortepiano, a violin, cello and classical guitar.

there was even a sweet reception with wine and cheese, how grand is that?

i was privileged to enjoy all of this with my huzband and the company of a dear friend, too!

pure delight, i tell you.

i hope your weekend has been sweet, too.