What’s all this, then?

I have been passionate about food since I was born. The first thought in my head upon waking was “What’s mom making for dinner tonight?”

Yeah, I have issues.

I spent much of my youth poring over cookbooks and time-worn recipe cards, envisioning each creation as made by my own hands, with my own additions, changes and flair.

Envisioning was as far as I got in those days, as I frequently sliced my fingers, set stove pans on fire, and lost countless kitchen gadgets to the trash.

So, instead of cooking, I would appear by my mom’s side every time she was cooking and baking, asking what I could do to help (or lick, if it happened to be brownie batter).  She taught me that from scratch is the best way, and vegetables are our friends.  That we eat.

Now I am a grown up kid, have my own kitchen to play in , and nothing brings me such pleasure as a meal well made and well enjoyed.

The first thought in my mind now upon waking?  “What am I making for dinner tonight?”

I also like to jump on my bed sometimes.  Shhh, don’t tell my mom.
i can fly

So here you have a girl devoted to Making Food.  Eating Food.  And telling you all about it.

also?  i take pictures.




4 thoughts on “What’s all this, then?

  1. I just discovered your blog. It was like making a new friend. Thanks for all the great stories, tid-bits, and–of course–food photography. 😉

    Looking forward to hearing/seeing more.


    Kyle Hildebrant

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