things i love VII: CUPCAKES!!!

things i love: CUPCAKES!!!, originally uploaded by iamchanelle.

tonight i am making four different kinds of cupcakes for a dear, dear friend’s wedding tomorrow night!
red velvet batter
yep, it’s a new year’s eve wedding, how fun is that?!

and the wedding cake is CUPCAKES!!! how much fun is THAT???!

i say pretty fun.

first batch: red velvet cupcakes. oh my word, these are soooo good. not that…i would, uuuh, know.

*wipes crumbs off face*

i am having too much fun.
hope your night is just as sweet as mine.



3 thoughts on “things i love VII: CUPCAKES!!!

  1. please please please post your recipe for the red velvet and the limoncello cupcakes! I love limoncello!!!
    Thank you!
    Michelle (Nora Shank’s friend)

  2. Thank you thank you thank you! It just so happens that limoncello is (one of) my drink(s) of choice for a little NYE shindig I’m headed to. Goes down really good mixed with a little (or a lot of) cranraspberry juice.

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