homemade hot chocolate

homemade hot chocolate, originally uploaded by iamchanelle.

i must say, a mug of creamy homemade hot chocolate topped with fluffy marshmallows really makes the holidays special for me.  hey, i am easily pleased.

i’ve been making and enjoying this very same recipe since i was a kid. we used to read it right off the cocoa power tin. yes – tin. you know, way back in the day they packaged stuff in tins and we all rode dinosaurs to work. *sigh*  it seems that life is moving at lightning speed these days, no?  the Christmas season is such a lovely time to slow down and remember sweet times, and take the time to create new memories.

every Christmas Eve i would get into my favourite flannel pajamas and help my mom whisk the cocoa powder, sugar and milk together until it was rich and frothy, slice tangerines for the mulled apple cider, drop cookies onto cookie sheets and pop the corn for homemade caramel corn. Nat King Cole would be crooning from the record player, christmas lights would be softly twinkling and all was right with the world.

it’s because of the hot chocolate. pretty sure.

here’s the very simple recipe i follow.
don’t forget the marshmallows. 😉

what’s your favourite holiday treat or tradition?
isn’t Christmas just the loveliest time?



4 thoughts on “homemade hot chocolate

  1. yum. I’ve been meaning to try a peppermint hot cocoa recipe for a while… tonight. with marshmellows of course!

    I love looking at Christmas art books, setting up my childhood nativity set, having my God-chat by candle and tree light in the morning and chocolate silk pie!

  2. aaaawwwww…. i am freshly and sweetly reminded of all those wonderful memories made and shared and it is a blessing to know that you are passing them along to our grandchildren who in turn shall pass along to our great-grandchildren!! 🙂

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