a veggie cooking night adventure

i just had the most fun cooking adventure tonight with an awesome friend of mine.

we have dubbed it our first annual [monthly? bi-monthly?  something?  bueller?] veggie cooking night, since both of us are vegetarians, and we both want to branch out and cook more AND cook more together, yay!

so tonight we settled on a thai food theme.

so, so glad we did.


i have fond memories of a Thai place i visited with some other lovely friends in San Francisco about a year ago, and some deeeelicious corn fritters we enjoyed there.  omg.  they were off the hook tasty.
so i found a similar recipe for this evening, and also decided to make some pad thai.  also decided to experiment with a drink that rhymes with schmodka. heehee. i thought lemongrass, limes and ginger would go really well together with aforementioned “schmodka”.


so, here is a photographic summary of our adventures [with more pics [and recipes] to come later]:
thai corn fritter mise en place
thai cocktail mise en place
veggie cooking night

veg pad thai
thai veggie cooking nite

i made coconut sorbet ahead of time, but would you believe we were so full from dinner we could not…i cannot even say it without wincing….we could not eat….dessert.

seriously. so full.

i cannot wait to share all the recipes with you later, but for now, i need to go to sleep and dream pad thai dreams.
noodle face

hope you are all happy and well and not quite so uncomfortably full as i am.



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