i cleaned my kitchen today

i cleaned my kitchen, originally uploaded by iamchanelle.

this has been a particularly rough season for my little family and i – we have had illness come and go these past couple weeks and general discouragement settle in like an unwanted layer of dust over our home.

this morning, i woke up and decided that i cannot let my circumstances determine my happiness any longer. i have been too caught up in the everyday grind that i kinda forgot to look Up.

i thought a good start would be to address my attitude toward the little things first.

such as the dirty dishes.

and how much i dislike washing said dirty dishes






i tweeted about my little attitude shift earlier this morning:

“i have decided to be thankful for these dirty dishes. they represent the family i have to cook for, & the food on our table every day.”

and then proceeded to rock out to some Led Zeppelin and get my kitchen in order.

and what do you know.   i actually had fun.

kitchen sink

i then rewarded myself with a hot cup of french press and a sit down.


but then i had to get up for some more shots. because…well, because.


garlic breath



and things are looking just a bit brighter.

but now i need to go do some laundry.

wish me luck.


i hope you have found something to be thankful for in your life today. even the little things make a big difference.




6 thoughts on “i cleaned my kitchen today

  1. I like what you said about changing your attitude. That was a timely reminder. It really is all about perspective isn’t it? We have the power to change the way we think about things and see them differently.

  2. I looove all your cute kitchen stuff… your “oat meal” canister of pens, and your bejeweled garlic holder. Teach me to be cool like you!


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