Renato, originally uploaded by iamchanelle.

Meet Renato, the gorgeous pizza oven at Liberty Market.
i enjoyed the White Pizza there this evening, with a dear friend and a glass of wine.

good times, i tell you.

this place is incredible. from amazing cappuccinos
to some of the best pizza crust EVAR to the kindest staff and the coolest bathrooms…
oh yes.

i did say bathrooms.

you just need to see them for yourself.

so many aromas, sights, sounds, textures and experiences to be had every time you visit.
please go sometime, and don’t forget to enjoy a slice of red velvet cake. the cream cheese frosting will make your mouth verrrry happy.
trust me on this one.




3 thoughts on “Renato

  1. yum. you make me so hungry. The white pizza is my favorite… I’ll have to try the Red Velvet. I have yet to stray from the Chocolate Truffle cookie.

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