it takes work

it takes work, originally uploaded by iamchanelle.

today is the day i celebrate eight years of marriage to an incredible, hard working, faithful, funny, awesome man.

it’s been quite the journey.

first year newlywed bliss (aka: ignorance and naivety)
second year reality check (aka: oh, he really snores. great, she’s really OCD)
third year a new journey begins (aka: diapers and bottles and puke and poop and tears and memories and laughs and no sleep whatsoever)
fourth year things are calm (aka: still catching up on sleep from the third year, no time for anything else)
fifth year things really suck and almost don’t make it to the
sixth year grace and love rediscovered
seventh year economy strikes and only makes our love stronger, so suck it money and hard times, we don’t need you to survive to the
eighth year and counting (aka: i wonder what it will all hold. every day is a new adventure.)

all i know is that it will take more work.
and deeper love.
and stronger grace.

and i’m ready.
i love you babe.

you rock.


p.s. – stay tuned…i’m thinking of making a special cake or sumfin nice for tonight. 🙂


5 thoughts on “it takes work

  1. Over here, we think May is the BEST month for anniversaries! Hope you guys enjoyed a lovely celebration. Didja make a special cake or somethin’? And more importantly, did you jump out of it, lol?? I think that’s the kind of cake all husbands wish for, don’t you? Ha! =D

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