i’m all contemplative and stuff these days.

exciting, awesome, unexpected things have come my way.

it has me in a grateful and thoughtful and contemplative state.

for starters, i have been given the opportunity to have my very first gallery night in a few weeks, to showcase some of my photographs to some pretty rad people.

i am stoked beyond belief.

if you are in the area, please stop by The Urban Tea Loft on Friday, May 8th, from 6-8p.m. my work will be up on the walls (for sale, too, spread the word, yo!).

i’ll be the girl with the huge grin on her face.

come grab some dinner:

greek linguine
(greek linguine)

flat iron steak
(flat iron steak)

something to drink:
(downtown teatini)

some dessert:

or just stop in to say hey:
have a ...

this is going to be an awesome opportunity to support a great restaurant, and a poor starving artist, hee hee.





5 thoughts on “i’m all contemplative and stuff these days.

  1. Let me think for a second… hmm… What about… nope. Maybe… no, not him. Hmm… DEFINITELY not her.

    Yeah, I thought about it, and they couldn’t have picked a nicer person to bedeck their halls with art! Way to go!

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