i know this is neither a recipe, nor anything to do with food, really.
but this quote has so inspired me to reflect on my goals and intentions for my life, and i wanted to share it with all of you.
i took some time yesterday to step away from the distractions of work, the noise of the internet, and to-do lists. (i was inspired to do so by this. thanks, cory!)

i focused my thoughts on what i really want to accomplish in my life- realistically accomplish. you know, living in France would not qualify for the “realistic” goals list… nor would being a rock star. not yet anyway. 😉
i narrowed my focal point just a bit more from there.
the conclusion i came to?

i want to be present.

i want to let things go.

i want to be joyful and peaceful at the same time.

i want to write again.

i want to sing and play more.

i want to be a good friend.

i want to inspire my kids to be incredible, creative, kind people.

i want to smile at strangers more often.

and i want every action i take to reflect One.

this is my goal.

it’s time for a metamorphosis.



5 thoughts on “metamorphosis

  1. i refuse to let go of “living in France”! *stomps foot* 😉

    good post though…it’s important to get out of the boxed-in rut we easily fall into and re-evaluate what the heck it is we’re doing and want to do.

  2. all great desires 🙂

    hey, would you happen to have a spectacular asian recipe? i’m looking for something hot and fresh with which to douse my taste buds 🙂

    oh, i’m on another blog now. yes, i know i keep flitting around but i’ve bought the domain so i have to stay now 😉

    i’d be really interested in any asian rock and roll recipes you may have. i went to a japanese restaurant yesterday and it was a real let down 😦


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