triple layer chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and bittersweet chocolate peanut butter ganache. that is all.

from this recipe.
seriously, peoples, this cake is DANGEROUSLY GOOD. like, buy a whole new wardrobe three sizes larger in preparation kind of good.

just sayin’.

here’s what i did:
i baked two of the three layers the night before, because i only have two cake pans, it was late and i was tired.  i poured the remaining batter into a small container and refrigerated it until the next morning.  it baked up just fine, how about that?  i may start making cake batters a couple days before just for kicks and giggles from now on.  just kidding.   sort of.

instead of semisweet chocolate, i used bittersweet for the glaze topping.  i also **may** have overheated the glaze a little bit much because i was still in my pajamas fifteen minutes before guests were to arrive and my bed wasn’t made either and i still had some dishes to do and salad to make and yes i was trying to do all those things at once which is why i **may** have neglected the chocolate over the double boiler and why it thickened up **quite** a bit.  soooo, it turned into ganache. which was still really good.

and i did get dressed in time, in case you were wondering.   i don’t **think** my clothes were on backwards or inside out.

also, i just chopped up some peanuts and sprinkled them over top for the final touch.

it was a big hit, let me tell you.

worth every bit of effort.  except for the hours i’m going to need to put in at the gym to work it off.  i’m trying not to think about that part, and just enjoy my second piece.  in my pajamas.



3 thoughts on “triple layer chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and bittersweet chocolate peanut butter ganache. that is all.

  1. I had some of this for breakfast on Monday. I think I died of deliciousness. Cake isn’t my favorite, but I could seriously eat this over and over again.

  2. Wow! Oh, wow. Looks amazing.

    I found an old recipe on your blog, the lemon, kalamata olive, fettuccini yummy one and made it last night. It was delicious! Thanks!

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