When Cupcakes Go Bad

When Cupcakes Go Bad, originally uploaded by bryanferguson.

apparently, the temptation is too much for SOME people to bear.

photoshop skillz courtesy bryan ferguson, who, when not sabotaging my photographs, is busy with his rockin’ band, Last Falling, and keeping up his blog, Falling Last.


8 thoughts on “When Cupcakes Go Bad

  1. They’re gearing up for their infiltration and eventual overtaking of the candy aisle. They’re only doing it to bleed the cash the candy aisle has stored up, I hear they have stacks of Hundred Grands lying all over.

  2. But if the cupcakes are only fighting because they are protecting freedom and destroying WMDs then they are not bad right? They are good killer cupcakes? Or are they? I’m confused…

    You should provide some guidance if you are going to trot out pictures of armed baked goods.

    Thanks for the post.

  3. Hi Chanelle(?),

    My name is Jonathan Braese with See’s Candies. I happened upon your blog, and would like to discuss with you an opportunity to work together. If this is something you feel you’d enjoy, please let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

    Thank you in advance for your time, I hope to hear from you soon!


    p.s. Sorry I had to get in touch with you using comments, I couldn’t find any contact info, but I found it worthwhile to reach out to you via your comment section.

  4. hi everybody, thank you so much for your comments! very funny. 😉

    and Jonathan, thank you so much for contacting me, so sorry it wasn’t easier! i will be sending you an e-mail right away.
    i can’t wait to find out more!!!!!!

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