birthday dinnerkeh

winekeh, originally uploaded by iamchanelle.

I recently had the privilege of planning a menu and cooking a special birthday dinner for my dear friend Luz, masterminded by her sweet brother Paz, and with much help from many friends.  Thanks, everyone!!!  *waves*

We enjoyed wine tasting (my favourite of the evening was Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon, a super smooth glass of wine for super cheep cheep),

Bruschetta a la caprese with an accidental *special sauce* that turned out to be not too bad… (hee hee, thanks to my kitchen helpers…)
Pasta with Butternut Squash, Rosemary and Proscuitto,
Turkey Basil Meatballs
This incredible marinara sauce recipe – it has lemon Zest in it.  Seriously awesome.
Pizza Pasta
These Brownies
Homemade Tiramisu ice cream, recipe found and modified a bit from this Ice Cream Bible
Homemade Pear Caramel ice cream (same book)
Salted Butter Caramel sauce (ditto)
and freshly whipped cream, of course.

Oh yeah, it was good times.

Happy birthday to my good friend, you are very loved, very appreciated and, well there just aren’t enough words to say how much you mean to me, and all of us.

Thankfully, when words aren’t quite adequate, I express my love with food. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it for you, dear.



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