as my first act in office…

as my first act in office…, originally uploaded by iamchanelle.

I have apparently been elected “International Policy Consultant on Baked Goods”, and as my first act in office, I shall bake America some cookies. And…um…eat them all for you, too. SEE what I do for my Country?


In case you are wondering, this is the GLORIOUS recipe I followed (but without the white chocolate, as i never have that evil nasty stuff here). I just made most of the cookies without, and tossed some bittersweet chips into the rest.
Let me just add that the fleur de sel on the top….it is INCREDIBLY GOOD. DO IT. er, i mean, USE it.
I have just about made myself sick eating these.
You know, for my Country.

peace and love and good food!



7 thoughts on “as my first act in office…

  1. I’m so glad I am not the only one who doesn’t like white chocolate. First of all? Not chocolate. Second of all? Ew. As usual, you and I are taste bud kindred spirits. If those cookies only had some kind of dipping sauce…..

  2. ha, ha, ha…I love you…your sweet little daughter gave me the cutest, wettest, “smackerooni on the lips” this morning in class as I had to leave early…I am a blessed Auntie!

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