i like free.

ok, so i’m not the type of girl who gets all giddy over high heels, although i do own a few rockin’ pairs

i don’t love shopping in the malls – actually i don’t love shopping at all.

and i’m not a huge “purse person”.

but when somebody tells me that THIS pretty awesome new purse (i prefer “bag”) could be mine, for free, i don’t mind at all.  (and i got to choose that one all by myself.)


you could get one of your very own, too – all you have to do is go here, pick your favourite, tell ’em your first name and an e-mail addy and you’re in!  that’s it.  just wanted you to get in on the fun, too!!!!

i know the chances of winning are like one in a hundred gadzilliontrillionmillion, but it’s worth the try.

oh, and i’ll be back later today with my Autumn cupcake mystery recipe…hee hee!




One thought on “i like free.

  1. Thanks for the heads-up… I knew there was a reason we’re friends 🙂 I hate shopping, am not that into clothes or shoes, but I do love free stuff! haha

    And… for the love!!!! where is that cupcake recipe?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!

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