after school snackage

For snack time with the kiddos after school yesterday, we enjoyed “ants on a log”, but with bittersweet chocolate chips instead of raisins.  Because, raisins = eeeew.  (i am not such a fan of the raisins.  i love dried cranberries, and cherries, and even blueberries.  not raisins.  go figure.)

Wash and trim the celery.  Cut into smaller pieces, if you like.  Trim a little sliver off the bottom of each piece (but don’t cut all the way through to the little “trough”!), so it does not roll all over the place.

Spread with your favourite peanut butter.

Dot with “ants”.





2 thoughts on “after school snackage

  1. Nice – using chocolate chips instead of raisins! I hate when you bite into a cookie *thinking* it has chocolate chips and it has RAISINS! 😛 I always feel so betrayed.

  2. This looks like one happy healthy little boy on his way to a happy healthy adult hood with nothing but glowing, loving words about his Mom and Dad. You can see it in his eyes. Good Job!

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