just a glimpse

Having fun in photobooth with my kids today:

(the “colored pencil” effect)

Just a little glimpse into my everyday life.

(the “andy warhol” effect, as i like to call it)

(the “comic book” effect)

Not a whole lot went the way I had hoped in my day today. Let’s just say it involved cupcakes dumped all over the inside of my oven – oh, yes, the INSIDE of my oven, a broken spatula, a ruined batch of salsa, tomato juice spilled all over the floor and… me crying.  Nay, bawling.  I confess.  I was crying over spilt…um, cupcakes.

Sooooooo, it was nice to have a moment of fun with the two little people that are all that was right with my day. (yay! they were behaving! and obeying! and even playing nicely with each other! it was awesome. way to go kiddos!  mommy is mental today!  good move to be good!)

Trying to look at the bright side of life, and thought I would share.

(the “glow” effect)





4 thoughts on “just a glimpse

  1. I love what you did with those pics!!! (You and) your kids are so adorable. I’m sorry about your bad day. Kids are so amazing! Glad they were the highlight of your day.

  2. Well, I finally made it over here to read this post. I’m glad you had some beautiful moments in a mostly crazy, unfun day.

    Comic books is my favorite. 🙂

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