yeoooow. and yum.


We did our first set of pushups this morning (yeah!  my husband is in on it, too!), and my arms hurt.  my abs hurt.  my booty even hurts.


But it’s a good kind of hurt.

It’s said that when you work out, you release endorphins into your brain – basically, happiness.  😉

No wonder i’m still crazy enough to be excited about this 100 pushup plan.  Pain makes me happy!

I’m also excited about the impromptu dinner I made tonight, and wanted to tell you about it.  We’re trying to eat lighter and healthier around here, and this dish sure fit the bill.

Garlic and olive oil couscous cooked in 5 minutes (it’s the awesome instant-ish kind), topped with fresh tomato quarters and feta.  The end.

Three ingredients, five minutes = one happy healthy girl.


Hope you are also happy and healthy!!!!  Try this dinner sometime (and a pushup or hundred) and you’ll be well on your way.





10 thoughts on “yeoooow. and yum.

  1. That sounds delish! I’ll definitely have to try that.

    So what kind of couscous takes longer than 5 minutes? I bought a bulk bag from Haji Babba (the middle eastern store I’m taking you to. Someday.) and it cooks pretty fast too. Just wondering.

  2. Oh yeah, I still need to check out what the pushup thing is all about. Are you doing 100 a day? I think I would die. Then what would they put on my gravestone? “Alas, poor Steph, from push-up crazy to pushing up daisies…”

  3. About the pushups….I let C know, but if you are planning to do them on your toes, put those toes so they are farther than shoulder width apart! Trust me on this one, it is the only way I can do one on my toes. Good luck!

  4. christine – hellz no am i doing those on my toes. i am going for the “alternative” method, aka” on the knees. i am waaay too wimpy to do the real stuff. 😉
    wannabe – awesome suggestion, girl! i made quinoa right after you left that comment. YUM.
    amy – it WAS good!!! if you ever end up living in phoenix, you can raid my fridge anytime. 😉

  5. wendy – he did not eat it that evening, as i made it later in the day after he already had dinner, but he would eat it sans tomatoes (he hates ’em).

    shelley – ooooh! spinach is a great idea!!!

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