it’s a revolution!

i am officially committing myself to the one hundred push up challenge, starting first thing Monday morning.  i will post updates here and on twitter every now and again to stay accountable.

suppose i oughta lay off these for a while:

(mini vanilla cupcakes with pink cream cheese frosting topped with chewy sweet tart mini candies, in case you were wondering.  i made these for the souvenirs and shiny things debut concert night.)

want to join me?

it’s gonna be painful AWESOME!




12 thoughts on “pusherupperer

  1. I do yoga and pilates, and still can’t manage a ‘real’ push-up! That said, I’ve no problem hanging out on the side lines, cheering you on. 😉

  2. shelley – thanks for your “support” haha!
    gocbep = thank you! they are so addicting. 😉
    steve – GREAT! and nice to “meet” you! good luck.
    stephanie – hee! such a good friend….

  3. Glad you’re on board for the challenge! It may be painful, but should be very worthwhile.

    Afterward you can bake cupcakes for all of us to celebrate our newfound fitness! 🙂

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