well, parting is indeed sweet sorrow.  

my parents and brothers and sisters are well on their way to houston this morning.  

we all spent one last evening in tucson together last night, and it was filled with happiness and laughter and all the best things one would hope to experience before saying goodbye.  

this will be the first time in twenty-seven years that my parents will be farther than an hour away from me.

if you are rolling your eyes at this point and thinking i should probably just grow up already and quit being a goober about a small plane flight a couple states over, you might not know my family history.  my parents and i have not always had the best of times together (as most all child vs. parent relations go, i am sure), and we have not always been fond of one another’s company.  to say the least.  there has been hurt, and estrangement, and forgiveness, and healing, and then never ever looking back.  there have been holidays, and vacations together, and surprises and blessings and memories and love.

and all just an hour away.

my little brothers are my son’s best friends.  my little sisters are funny, and quirky, and i love how they dote on my daughter, and am humbled that they listen to my advice.  sometimes, anyway. my mom is a crazy joy to me.  my dad and i share a very practical outlook on life and i appreciate seeing that in action when i am around him.  he is also the best guitarist i know, and i find myself so happy when he plays.  especially when he plays zeppelin or yes.

they are all now entering a new season in their life as a family, and that leads them father away from me and the life i have here.  i know it is not a forever goodbye by any means, but the unreasonable side of my heart feels otherwise.  sometimes love trumps practicality  and sensibility where the heart is concerned.

and my heart is just a little bit sad and unreasonable today.

at least we had the joy of one last hurrah, filled with great food,

good friends and family popping in to say their goodbyes,

and many, many smooshy mushy gooshy hugs and loves.

this closes another chapter in our book, but i am hoping that means the next one will be all the better for it.

and at least tucson has better gas prices…ish.

thanks for listening.



10 thoughts on “parting

  1. You are so lucky to have such a very happy family. I know the feeling to be far away from each other but they are always near you, in your heart!

  2. Sniff, sniff….I am sad too. What a sweet family, we will miss them.

    P.S. It’s good to see your heart triumphing over your practicalities….thanks for sharing.

  3. I completely understand the closeness of family. I would be just as sad if any members of my family were moving farther away. I’m sad for you! Sounds like you have an awesome relationship. It was fun having your brothers in children’s ministry the other Sunday.

  4. I wouldn’t tell ya to grow up…hell…I live next door to my parents…its great for my son to live so close. My sister just moved closer and is about 2 miles away now too. All of us are super close again…love it! More time with family FTW!!!

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