World Premiere!

Hey friends!


I know, I know, I owe you one.  Or two.  Or alot.  Sorry for the hiatus.  Life gets busy, and sometimes you just eat alot of salad, which isn’t always exciting to post about.

Ok, well maybe this salad is worth a mention:

I came across this photo from one of my newest flickr contacts and decided right then and there that it would be my lunch.  And it was.  I used one english cucumber, 1 teaspoon of organic white wine vinegar, and one teaspoon of distilled vinegar, a pinch of coarse sea salt, a pinch of white sugar and several, several dashes of dried dill.  Mixed ’em all together and YUMOLA.

Ok, there, I have posted a recipe(-ish) to satiate you for now.  Did it work?

NOW, What IS exciting to post about is a concert experience coming up very soon that I want you to be a part of.

It’s Annie Quick!  AND Cavu!  And if you have yet to find out about these awesome musicians, get thee to these links and begin discovering.

And then check out this way too cool promo poster (created by a very very good friend of mine!) and join the world premiere on July 11th, yo!!  Before you get to the poster, here’s a little shout-out about the upcoming concert from Peggy of Cavu:

“This is a very exciting event that you won’t want to miss!  We certainly don’t want you to miss it!  Annie Quick is from NYC, but now is in AZ, “building” her art installation that goes on tour with her as she promotes her new record “Souvenirs and Shiny Things” this Fall.  WE get to be the first to experience the multi-media concept NEXT FRIDAY, JULY 11TH!  It is a little hard to explain, as it is likely that you have not attended an event like this before.  It is as unusual as “Wizard of Oz Underwater Ballet” or Dr. Seuss and Alice in Wonderland form a loud garage band. . . and play in their back yard.  I would definitely come to that concert!!  Go here to see a preview:
Reception is at 5:00 – interactive art – the kids will LOVE it, and the kid in you will be so very happy as well.  We will be serving free drinks and finger foods (but tips and donations will be happily accepted to defray the cost).  CAVU plays at 7:00, Then ANNIE QUICK takes the stage with her band at 8 p.m.  And, as we love to dance, we will have DJ dancing afterwards!!
We will also take donations at the door (as you are able) for the rental of the hall, etc.  It has been a fun project!  Come and See!
Peggie B



I am so so so excited about this, and in fact, I’ve gotta go, because I’m off to MEET ANNIE and hang out with the lovely members of Cavu TONIGHT.  ROCKIN.  (And I’m bringing my brownies to share…)


Hope those of you close by can make it on the 11th, but if not, please check out the music and enjoy your heart out!!!





8 thoughts on “World Premiere!

  1. Dearest~

    Would you consider selling a print of that fourth coffee cup? I have an idea for my kitchen. You really should consider selling your pics.

    Also, those band members with Annie. Who are they, pray~tell? They look so amazing! Shameless, I know.

  2. my dear “auntie” – WOW! you totally just made my day! yes. i will totally print up that shot for you, just tell me what size. i would be honored to see that hanging in your kitchen! 😉

    and, you know….one of those band members just happens to be related to you…strange coincidence…..also just happens to be one of the coolest cousins i could ever ask for. ever.

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