When I married my husband, of course we talked about our future, our hopes and dreams, how many children we wanted, and when, and how we thought we would raise them with fun and laughter and kindness…

We had no idea what we were talking about.

We were going to wait five years.  We were going to have four boys (because clearly, you have a choice in the matter).  He was going to always know what to do and I was always going to be respectful and trusting.

We had our son a year later.  

AND it would have been sooner, but apparently it was more difficult to conceive than we thought. So much for the five year plan.

That’s ok.

Neither of us were prepared for the intense and furious love that would overcome our hearts for our little son when he was born.  Neither of us ever wanted to leave the hospital alone with that tiny little breathing thing that cries and has needs and are you people sure you can’t send a full-time nurse home with us forever to tell us what to do???!!!  ARE YOU SURE.  

Neither of us were immediately prepared to know all the ins and outs of how on earth to raise him into a not-screwed-up person someday (still have no idea what we’re doing most days).  

But both of us knew that we loved each other, and that we had been given a perfect gift of life in our son, and that we were, and would always be committed to loving him with all our hearts and to investing our very soul into his.  

My husband has been faithful to that every single day since.  

Now that a daughter has been added to our family,too, he only remains more faithful with his passionate commitment to his children.


Not to say we don’t mess up.  We do.  Alot.  Because we’re human, and we are teaching our children that there is grace and forgiveness and humility that comes with every mistake or bad choice.  

I so respect and admire my husband for the home he has created for all of us these past seven years.  It’s a loving, strong, and crazy home.  And we all love it because of him.



He is the most incredible man I know.

Happy father’s day, babe. You rock, as a best friend, husband, and especially as a father to our kids.

love always,



8 thoughts on “faithful

  1. I loved that! That was such a cool little review through your story! I love they way you wrote it and the pics are so great!! Thank you for sharing that with us!! And thanks for your comments on my blog. We really did miss serving with you yesterday. Your loss??? Our loss!!! It was really special to have the kids dedicated though. Dinner would be awesome sometime. We should get our schedules together sometime and find a time to get together. After seeing all of your pics of delicious food, that would really be a treat!!! You just tell us what to bring, and we are so there!! You are super talented in the food area. And we love hanging out with you and your family!

  2. Aww, that was so sweet! I totally started reading it, though, and expected the end to be an announcement that you guys are having another baby, like, “and my husband will be faithful to raising this next child of ours” or something! :~)

    Then I realized I’m the only one who gets pregnant like every 3 seconds lol ;~)

    Seriously, though, that was very sweet, and it has been cool going through this “trying-to-figure-out-how-to-raise-these-crazy-kids” season with you guys! I remember when I was pregnant with Toby, seeing you guys at church, and telling Clint I was kind of nervous to be a mom, and I’ll never forget he said, “Yeah, Chanelle was kind of nervous, too, but the second Caleb was born, she just instantly became a mom, and just knew what to do!” AAAAWWWWWWWWW!!!

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