boxes and boxes and BOXES.

Honestly?  I haven’t made anything decent to eat in several days.  (Aside from more granola and a really yummy dessert I’ll share later.)  


Because it’s spring. And I’m cleaning.

Ok, seriously, HOW do we even HAVE this much JUNK in our possession?

Anything not nailed down or on a shelf is going AWAY.  Far, far away.  Forever.  Seriously horrified that there is that much STUFF anywhere near me.
I also just received boxes and boxes (and BOXES!) of old photographs and memorabilia that once belonged to my grandparents.  I’ve spent this past week trying to sort through it all, make sense of unfamiliar faces, relive good memories, toss away the random shots where heads are cut off or are so blurry I am not sure why they made it into the boxes in the first place (oh yeah!  because my grandparents saved EVERYTHING!), and setting them into some semblance of order.

This has motivated me to weed through all my junk so my future relatives don’t have to when I’m long gone.  

Because boy, is this exhausting.  

Also amazing though, when you find something like THIS:

And when you discover that your Gramps was a fourth degree Knight of Columbus:

So, anyway, back to work cleaning and sorting and organizing for me.

And may I just add that storage bins are a beautiful thing?

Do your future great-grandchildren a favor and get some, and put all your crap into them, in an organized and well documented fashion.





2 thoughts on “boxes and boxes and BOXES.

  1. Sweetie, I hate to tell you this, but it is summer. So drink plenty of fluids. And go thru your grandparents’ boxes *carefully,* who knows what they’re hiding in there! Maybe even money. My grandma had a prescription bottle full of quarters in her sock drawer, jewelry stashed in a make-up bag between sweaters in the closet and all kinds of hidden treasures tucked away around her room.

  2. stephanie – i forgot we had reached summer already! around here, can’t we just make it all up anyway? 😉
    and we already found hidden money and things behind picture frames, haha! must be a generational thing?

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