some Troast for breakfast

If you have not yet heard of Jon Troast, well, it’s high time you did.


Last night I had the privilege of attending an acoustic Living Room concert put on by Jon Troast, and when I say living room, I mean – it was in a living room.  

It was intimate, and entertaining; a wonderful introduction to the story behind the music.  We all sat on couches and chairs around Jon and his guitar and made requests, asked questions, even sang along.


I also had the privilege of catering the food for that evening, with much help from the lovely Luz and friends.  We had pesto pizzas, fruit and cheese kebobs, lemon curd tartlets and brownies of fudgey delicous awesomeness.  Oh, and gummy worms.  Don’t ask.  Here’s a shot of all the goodness, thanks to Luz.


Do yourself a favor and go get yourself some Troast for breakfast.  It’s a great start to the day.



It’s also a good middle.  And end.




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