What a week it’s been for me.

My son in the hospital and home again:

A day at the park:

for my 27th birthday:

(my man took this shot, isn’t he awesome?!)

Creating my new most favouritest pizza in all the universe (Which I made three times this week!  Even had leftovers for breakfast.  Not kidding.):


Planning a bachelorette party for my little sister (not so little anymore, sniff!) and creating invitations for it (this took MUCH longer and was more difficult than I anticipated. YOU try booking a reservation at a fancy Italian restaurant of the bride-to-be’s choice for nine people on UofA’s big graduation night. Oh, yeah – I am planning a party for a town I don’t even live in! Psssht. That’s what I thought.):


Also working on a top secret Mother’s Day gift project… (hi mom!)


Took a yoga class that kicked my booty!  Literally.


And tonight??!! Tonight I get to enjoy a post-birthday-redeux-let’s-try-this-again-since-you-were-in-the hospital-with-your-boy-on-your-birthday dinner with my BFF at Euro Cafe. YUMYUMYUM. We’ve already planned what we are ordering, for maximum sharing and enjoyment properties. I’m so serious about this dinner, yo.


Through all of the happenings of this week, I’ve been able to laugh, find art in the everyday, experience gratefulness for God’s goodness to us and find peace in the unknown, appreciate all that I have more than ever, and look forward to what each new day will bring. It’s been one of the craziest weeks EVER, but I’m glad for it. I wouldn’t mind a break, though. Phew.

I hope your weekend is awesome, friends!!!
I know mine already is.



4 thoughts on “phew.

  1. those invitations look aMAZing!

    euro cafe is a fav place amongst my foodie friends. i go there with courtney or bethany or nicole and pretend that i’m a foodie too. or a snob. the latter comes more naturally. 😉

  2. Holy heck of a week, batman!

    First of all, I am so glad your son is okay. As Rosie said, “staph is no laugh”.

    Also, happy belated birthday, young chick-a-dee, and happy mother’s day, as well.

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