brownies of fudgey delicious awesomeness.

If you are on a diet, are health conscious in any way, currently avoiding fats and sugars, or cannot resist temptation in moments of weakness….

run away right now.

Theese are the most fudgy, chewy, rich, sweet, chocolatey (in every sense of the word – melted chocolate!  is in the batter!) delicious….oooooh, baby these brownies are sooooo good.

I came across the recipe for these a couple years ago and have found that nothing else compares.  Dense, pure chocolate flavour, fudgey consistency that can still hold its own, buttery, rich, heavy, even.  A true craving buster.  You know what I mean?  When you are craving that perfect piece of something rich and chocolatey, nothing but the best will do.  This….this, my friends is the best.

I warn you: you may want to sit down before you read the ingredients list.  It’s a bit shocking the first time.  You’ll get over it once you have a taste.  

I mean really, isn’t THIS:

worth some nutrition shock??  


A few notes before I send you directly to the recipe:

1) Make no substitutions.  Give half the batch away if you have to, but make no substitutions. I have discovered that you can  decrease the eggs by one if you have to, as I did last night (because we had one less than needed, so I just went with it.)  Otherwise, follow the recipe exactly and you will love me forever for directing you to it.

2) Use a good quality chocolate!!!!!  This is THE MAIN INGREDIENT here.  Make it a good one.  Ghirardelli is a good place to start.  I love both their semi sweet and bittersweet chocolates.  Or use whatever brand you love the best!  

3) When melting the chocolate and butter together, do so over very gentle heat in a double boiler (which for me is a small saucepan with an inch or less of water and a glass pyrex bowl set over top several inches off the water), and just before it looks done (there will still be a couple chocolate lumps in there) remove it from the heat and continue to stir.  If you overheat the chocolate, it will seize up and become a great big lump of burnt dreams.  I did this once, still used it, and the brownies came out horribly – they were crumbly, and tasted a bit like dirt.  It was a very sad day.

4) UPDATE:  you can add one cup of toasted walnuts (or pecans, but WHY??) to the batter, and it will be awesome.  

5)  The are great served once cooled from the oven, and REALLY good refrigerated.


So here it is, the recipe for Brownies of fudgey delicious awesomeness.  

(My given name for these.  In case you were wondering.)

I cannot alter it or improve upon it in any way, because it rocks just the way it is.

Go ahead…find out for yourselves!  

And then eat salad for a year following.






12 thoughts on “brownies of fudgey delicious awesomeness.

  1. Holy Moly! As if the pictures were not sinful enough! Once I saw you used Ghirardelli, well, my heart practically stopped. The pictures are beautiful too. Currently I’m trying to eat fairly “clean and healthy”, so it will be a bit until I try this amazing brownie recipe. However, for the time being I can visually enjoy your heavenly creation!

  2. OMG, I’m making this today. I have some Callebaut in my pantry calling my name. How’d ya know I was craving chocolate today.

  3. Six eggs…???

    Six… mf’n’… eggs???

    No wonder these are amazing! However, I’d be quite scared to make them in my house unless giving them away the very same night!

    Oh, and Ghiradelli is awesome, I love the 70%. A coworker brought in some chocolates today that were high quality Belgian, but milk…. just didn’t taste as good to me as (fairly) inexpensive supermarket Ghirardelli.

    Mmmm… such gorgeous photos, I love the sultry, slightly uncooked bit in the center.

  4. cruel, simply cruel…I know you had a warning at the beginning, but then you had those pictures…(sigh) I have to weigh in tomorrow at Weight Watchers…my veggie soup just didn’t cut it tonight (sigh, feel sorry for me, sigh)…

  5. i love brownies. like, LOVE brownies. and i’ve always wanted to make them from scratch but could never find a good recipe. i’m SO excited to try this one!!! thanks for making my life!

  6. hey everybody – thanks so much for the comments – so nice! sorry if i have caused any temptation to powerful to resist…
    and yes, nuts would be fantastic in these – i usually add some, but my man doesn’t like ’em, so i was trying to be nice. i’ll update the directions.

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