last day.

Today is my son’s last day of preschool.


How did THAT happen?


Remember his first day?

Since then he has learned about seasons, days of the week, months of the year, how to count to two hundred and beyond, spelling, writing, underwing moths and yaks, how to be respectful to a teacher, bible verses, and more and more and more.

I am so very proud.


And woot! It’s summer break time, yo! PARTAY!


5 thoughts on “last day.

  1. love those pics. We still have another month of school for both monkeys. I am actually not ready for summer, that means I have to keep both of them entertained by myself everyday.

  2. auntie – it’s on the way!
    michelle – thanks so much!!! good luck keeping the monkays happy. that can be difficult in 1,000 degree weather!!!!
    krys – i KNOW. i know. i am ashamed. and lazy. i don’t wanna do haircuts!!!!

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