fresh air – gooooood.


My first breath of fresh air in a week, after becoming very ill with a horrible, dreadful no good flu and sinus infection.
The husband got it, too.  ick. 

Health? Good. Sitting in the grass? Gooood.
Fresh air? Gooooooooooooood.


8 thoughts on “fresh air – gooooood.

  1. Is that from FRIENDS?
    “What’s not to like? Jam? Good! Custard? Goood! Meat? GOOD!!!”
    (you know, the one where Rachel makes the trifle? Anyone?)

    Oh, and glad you’re feeling better! :~)

  2. I was wondering where you guys were. I’m so sorry! Few things in this life are worse than a sinus infection. I hope you are all on the mend.

  3. Yuck, Dave and I went through that at the beginning of the kitchen renovation. Glad it has passed on, and you’re able to enjoy the sunshine and spring air!

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