very special

i’ll be in San Francisco for the next five days, oh yes i will.
why?  well,  a VERY special girl is having a very special birthday, and we will be celebrating in the company and home of a very special hostess
don’t you worry; we’ll be sure to have a blast, eat lots and lots of amazing food and make lots and lots of memories. 

happy birthday, gherkin.  i’m so excited to spend it with you like this!!!  i love you!  


p.s. – in case you are wondering, an excerpt of our agenda is as follows:

Saturday- maybe Chinatown….dinner at Harvey’s
Sunday- brunch at Ti Couz, Delores Park (depending on the weather)
Monday (St. Patrick’s Day!!!)- coffee at the beach!!  and The Little Shamrock later…
Tuesday- brunch at Ferry Building, dinner at Olive 
Wednesday- Arizmendi pizza, Golden Gate Park if the weather is nice, Young Frankenstein and GENE WILDER IN PERSON at the Castro Theatre
Thursday- home….

phew! can’t wait! our plane leaves tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “very special

  1. tuesday –
    enjoy your
    big day –
    * ferry building
    * olive
    kiddos are
    great 🙂
    we are
    blessed and
    having a
    blast !!
    wednesday –
    hello to
    gene –
    enjoy 🙂

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