Death by Chocolate! Is there a better way to go?

Last Valentine’s Day, my husband surprised me with this cookbook, which I immediately cracked open and made this cake:

And just the other day, I found out someone nominated my blog to participate in a delicious contest, one in which I was asked to submit my most chocolatey post and await votes from kindly readers.  
What’s the contest?  
A trip for two to Napa Valley to attend the Copia Center’s Annual Death By Chocolate Festival this February 23rd, 2008.  Wine tasting, delicious chocolate, demonstrations and sessions with chefs, AND all expenses paid…..Woooo!
Oh, and did I happen to mention that the very same kindly readers (read: YOU), can win the very same trip for two…just by voting!!!  Wooooo!  

There are also other great prizes just for voters – books, chocolates and more!  Pretty awesome.
Just head on over here and vote away, if you please!  Contest Ends February 8th.
Maybe I could see you there!
Best of luck to all the participants, and I am looking forward to browsing all the delicious chocolate posts!  Mmmmm, chocolate.

8 thoughts on “Death by Chocolate! Is there a better way to go?

  1. I voted for you too, as well as the next Presidential hopeful! You’ve got to come over sometime and help me with my blog. I’m a total Newbie.

  2. I saw the thing in the sidebar and tried to vote the other day, but I got confused. (Happens a lot 😉 ) Do we need to register or something first?

  3. hey everybody!
    thanks so much for your votes! crossing my fingers….

    if i don’t make it, i guess i’ll have to make another pear and chocolate cake instead, huh? no loss on my part. it’s a win-win kind of situation.

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