It’s a soup kind of day….any suggestions?

The owner of these pretty little eyelashes is sick today, so it’s just us girls in the house. 
(The boys went off to church and later, a superbowl party.  You know, priorities.)

It’s a cold and gloomy day (my favourite!) outside.
It would seem to be the Perfect Day for snuggling up on the couch with a box of tissues and some crackers, reading Knuffle Bunny five hundred times in succession and then maybe later, making some sort of soup.  
Any suggestions? 
I have a few potatoes, some carrots,celery, loads of garlic and onions…vegetable broth and chicken broth…canned tomatoes, beans, corn, etc… I think I have sausage and chicken in the freezer, too.  
Something fast and easy….I’ve gotta get back to Knuffle Bunny.
UPDATE:  Ummmm, thanks for all the suggestions?  They were really helpful?


Since I know so many of you were wondering I thought I would tell you that I settled on a Spanish Onion and Potato soup from Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home.  It was hearty and simple and very satisfying.  Maybe I’ll share it sometime. 

2 thoughts on “It’s a soup kind of day….any suggestions?

  1. I just saw this!!! I’m so sorry I missed it! You should have e-mailed or called me– I *AM* the soup queen!!

    My latest two, yet to be posted, were the lentil soup with saffron yogurt from (YUM) and my very own mushroom-corn CHOWDER, a vegetarian version of Barefoot Contessa’s North Hampton Clam Chowder– and if I may pat myself on the back- it was spectacular. I promise to post them soon.

    Love, The Soup Queen.

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