climbing tree

My boy’s favourite snack has got to be, hands down….apples.  
He always asks for “a whole apple, mom.  NOT cut.” and literally demolishes the whole thing, leaving only the seeds and stem.  
One day it occurred to him that the remaining seeds might be grown into a “climbing tree” for him to enjoy one day.
So we planted some, after he consumed the rest of the apple (see the empty plate?).

Hopefully someday, we’ll have some of our own apples, and his very own climbing tree.

2 thoughts on “climbing tree

  1. So right on! That is just the way a tree grows, from the little seeds into a big tree. How totally cute of him!

    btw thank you for the kindly type words at my new home, these past few months have been quite tumultuous. There are still some hiccups at the new site, but I’m seriously hoping things calm down soon, so I can get back to business as usual.

  2. shelley – i am sorry these past few months have been icky – i really hope this new year brings you and your home lots of sunshine. can’t think of anyone who deserves it more!

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