My Punkys

Anyone out there remember Punky Brewster?
I loved that show.
And I recently found a pattern for Punky Brewster-inspired wrist warmers.
And so of course I had to knit ’em.  (Did I happen to mention I just learned how to knit?  Yay for knitting!)

And I love ’em.


13 thoughts on “My Punkys

  1. hi chanelle,

    I could not find an email contact for you so I will just leave a comment.

    One of our readers at Culinate has nominated you to enter our Death by Chocolate contest for a trip to Napa. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me directly at, or go to the contest page ( and follow the instructions for food blogger entries. I hope to see you there.



  2. krysten – you like that, eh? haha!
    michelle – thank you thank you!!!
    jamie – i could see that. i can still see that, actually. haha!
    luz – i actually ended up with THREE gloves – my first one was quite discouraging. it’s in the trash now, may it rest in peace.
    carissa – thank you! and that you for the rockin’ pattern!
    wannabe – yeah – gotta love the plucky!
    shelley – it’s not too late, hee!
    chou – no, i don’t sell them on etsy, as it’s not my personal pattern. but you could def. learn to knit them for yourself, i promise. i just learned to knit a month ago. really. go to some of the knitting links i have under “crafty mccraftersons” to get started. and i would love to hear about your progress! you can do it!
    silvia – why, thank you!!!

  3. Thanks for reminding me where I saw these cute things. Ok, you’ve inspired me and I will give it a try over my little spring break!

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