I don’t know how to gracefully share bad news, and I apologize for that.  But sadness and loss always seem to strike unexpectedly, and is never gracious or understanding.

My very dear friend passed away tragically yesterday from a heart attack.  
She was very healthy, fit, young, and still planning to have a beautiful Christmas with her family.
She has been my mentor, my friend, kind, generous in every way.   I simply cannot believe that she has gone.  I know she is Home now, but it is nearly impossible to see how that could be better than being here with us.  I am selfish – I wish she belonged to us.
Please pray for her family.  We are all so very heartbroken over her passing.

9 thoughts on “Sadness.

  1. Chanelle,
    I just heard last night. I am so sorry. We are praying for them and for the whole church. I know you all will be a great comfort to them in this time.

  2. I am sharing your selfishness here. So many hurting people left behind.
    I think if we had a chance to sample heaven we’d be so anxious to join her there.

  3. thank you, so very much, for all your kind comments. it softens the blow a little to have people who care. it really means a lot. thank you.

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