We are preparing to decorate our Christmas tree tomorrow with the kiddos, complete with Hot Mulled Apple Cider (recipe to come in the morning, stay tuned!), some Christmas crooning by Bing Crosby and Louis Armstong and some very special ornaments:
These belonged to my great-grandmother, Yvonne Sweeney, whom I never had the privilege to know, as she passed away from cancer before I was born.  
Her daughter, my grandma, kept them safe all these years, and when she also passed away, they were handed down to me. 
I now have the privilege, and responsibility of continuing the years of traditions and fond memories these special women created for our family.

(This one is from the 40’s-50’s)
Can’t wait for tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Preparations…

  1. k – nothin’ like christmas and cider!

    s – that would be attributed to my grandmother’s gift for saving EVERYTHING of [family] importance. she had boxes of old photographs, buttons, genealogy reports (i am descended from mary queen of scots, apparently! we even have a castle in our family name in scotland!) the sesame street dishes i used to eat from as a little kid, which my kids now use…
    i guess we just can’t let good old stuff go to waste.

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