THE! Event! My Thanksgiving Game Plan!

Ok, I should be baking or cleaning something, but I wanted to get my thoughts in order before I start the final push.  So here I sit, procrastinating composing a productive list. 

  • 11 Adults (My parents – all of ’em, including the divorced ones. Together.  In my house. And My aunt and uncle.  And my stepdad’s sister, too.  Oh, and me and The Husband.  Woo hoo!)
  • 7 Not-adults (My bros and sisters and my kiddos.)
  • Ice water
  • Good Earth Iced Tea
  • Coffee
  • Italian Sodas
  • Stella Artois Lager
  • Fat Tire Ale
For Appetizers:
For Main Course:
  • Trader Joe’s Costal Merlot
  • Bear’s Lair Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Outback Chase Cabernet Sauvignon
  • More Beaujolais Nouveau!
For Desserts:
  • Asti Tosti Champagne
  • The yummiest French Bread Stuffing ever created, as made by my mom.  One of my moms.
  • Uncle Bill’s Famous Cornbread Stuffing
  • Sherried Sweet Potatoes (no mallows here…)
  • Garlic Green Beans
  • A Great Big Giant Awesome Really Good Salad
  • Smashed Red Potatoes
  • Homemade Cranberry Sauce
  • Warm Rolls
  • Butter
  • Gravy
  • Two Brined, Rosemary Garlic Smoked Birdies
And Just For fun:
  • A little surprise, too, but some of my fam read this blog, so mum’s the word for now, suckas.
And NO, I am NOT doing ALL this all by myself.  
Everyone is bringing something wonderful to the table, and I am so excited to see my family pull it all together like this.  Kind of monumental for me, in a way.  We are all actually getting along and working together!  After 26 years of NOT!  And now we are about to be all under my roof! Happy!  Together!  How is the weather?! 
And somehow, it’s not weird for me.  
Something to be thankful for.
So, what remains to be done between today, Tuesday, November 20th, and THE! EVENT! on Thursday, November 22nd:
  • Clean my house top to bottom: bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming and mopping floors, sweeping patios and clearing out the doggie doodoo (ick).
  • Sew the canopy for our outside seating.
  • Purchase stakes and hardware for hanging the canopy.
  • Pull all the decor, dishes and linens together: Platters, Serving Bowls, Plates, Utensils, Assemble gypsy lanterns, flowers in wine bottles, etc.

  • Pick up tables from one house, (thanks, mom and dad!) chairs from another friend and second smoker from still another friend (The Husband to do this, phew!)
  • Brine the Birdies Wednesday A.M.
  • Smoke the birdies Wednesday P.M. (The Husband’s Speciality!)
  • Make-ahead the appies:
  • Spiced Nuts
  • Gougeres
  • Crackers
  • Make ahead the cranberry sauce.
  • Make Ahead the desserts.  ALL of them.
  • Set up the Appetizer Table with a very special vintage tablecloth given to us by a very special auntie.  🙂
  • Set up the Main Course Buffet on the Kitchen Island.
  • Set up the Outdoor Seating:  chairs, tableclohs, place settings, flowers, candles, silverware and napkins, placecards, light gypsy lanterns.
  • Pass Out Cold.
Wish me luck, and the same to you in all your preparations!
I am really excited!  And overtired!  And excited!

3 thoughts on “THE! Event! My Thanksgiving Game Plan!

  1. carrie – that is what i was saying all day: “wow.”
    and also
    “what did i get myself into?”

    s’kat – it WAS a full day. and so was the day after. and the day after that. but it was a really GREAT holiday for us, and well worth the effort.
    and i am still napping, haha!

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