The Insanity, er, I mean, Countdown has Begun.

I have a very important question to ask of you, dear readers:

When you do a countdown, do you count the actual day of the event in your countdown numbers?  

Like say, when you are freaking out that THE! Event!(read:  Thanksgiving dinner, to be hosted in your home for the first time ever in the history of all the Thanksgivings you have ever been a part of and over twenty people are attending and you have done nothing but confirm that over twenty people are coming…) is on Thursday, and today is Sunday…do you say there are five days left….or just four?  And considering Sunday is almost OVER! do you say there are three days left?  Four?  Three and a half?  Considering also that you will spend the entire actual day of THE! Event! working and preparing, does that not count toward a day in the countdown?
(The Scream, Edvard Munch)

My wine stash for THE! Event! is running quite low..I wonder why….
How is your Thanksgiving(THE! Event!) prep going?
  • Are you hosting?  
  • Attending?  
  • What’s the menu?  
  • Any decorations?  
  • Gifts for your guests?  
  • Traditions?  
  • Memories?
I would love to know.  🙂

8 thoughts on “The Insanity, er, I mean, Countdown has Begun.

  1. you. clearly. have too much energy for someone who’s supposed to be sick.

    thanksgiving. there. i thought about it.

    *blows nose*

  2. Thanksgiving cometh, and it waits for no man. Or girl who is sick.

    *sanitizes hands and everything within three feet*

  3. I’d count it as 3 days away. I never count the day I’m living in.

    Not hosting. Going to my aunt’s house. The menu- turkey (duh.), Tofurky (for the non-meat eating freakos like me), stuffing, gravy, cranberry, mashed taters, routmousse, green bean casserole, sweet potato something-or-other, salads, rolls, pies. Not sure what else.

    I always bring a gift. No one else does. Not sure why but I feel weird coming empty handed because she works so hard. This year I am doing a gift basket with a fall plant, flowers, Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s, Peppermint Bark, Deep Dark Gingerbread Baking Mix and mini felted pumpkins that I made. Kind of random…fall and Christmas goodies.

  4. I am hosting Jamie’s First Vegetarian Thanksgiving (which is really, Jamie’s First Thanksgiving period). You may find the menu here and photos will follow the actual event (and recipes too; please let me know which my two readers want because I won’t post everything).

    I don’t count today, either, but I did go to the grocery store on Friday for my non-produce items and I’m hitting the farmer’s market tomorrow for the produce. As we only have 1 oven there’s a schedule of cooking…. I made the mushroom stock for my gravy yesterday (yes, I made my own stock), Tuesday is for gravy and cranberry sauce, Wednesday is for pies, and Thursday I will make stuffin’ muffins, the rice dish, and the creamed corn.

    I’m excited!! I wish you both could come!

    Feel better! I wish I could make you some soup!

  5. We’re doing dessert. Tomorrow we shall make a hazelnut pumpkin cheesecake (!). Wednesday we will either make pecan pie or say “This is stupid!” and head over to Costco to purchase one.

  6. I’m hosting Day two festivities, better known as Friday. I’m only bringing dessert for Thanksgiving. Luckily my mom is making the turkeys and cornbread stuffing. I’m going to make a sweet potatoe something and those yummy choco cupcakes for the kiddies. And of course my 3″ high cheesecake.

  7. Memories? There was the year Keith met all of my extended family for the first time when we started dating, and I realized a little too late that I had forgotten to warn him about Grandpa. Grandpa who has religious objections to eating meat and only eats raw vegetables (he also has objections to cooked vegetables). Keith told him he hates veggies, and “just give me a burger from Wendy’s and I’m good!” :~) That was his last conversation with Grandpa. :~)

  8. wannabe – i had to go look up routmousse, haha! that sounds yummy. and what a sweetie you are – your little gift basket sounds like it would be a big hit. hope your holiday was great.

    jamie – your meal plan still has me hungry. i can’t wait to the apple onion stuffin’ muffin recipe, yo!

    jona – um. make me that cheesecake. please. i live five minutes away. i will be there in five minutes. can you make it that fast?

    michelle – hahahaha! “i’m hosting day two festivities….better known as friday.”
    love that. and i’ll bet the kiddies loves those cupcakes!

    carrie – “open mouth, insert burger”. haha! ah, family. gotta love ’em. (i just love your stories!)
    hope this thanksgiving left your husband with better memories!

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