She’s Choppin’ Broccoli…Soup

Tonight’s dinner entertainment is brought to you by Dana Carvey.

Aaaaaaaand now, for the main attraction:

She’s Choppin’ Broccoli…Soup

Makes enough for two as a side, or as a main dish for one.  *burps*

1 head of broccoli

enough vegetable broth (or water) to cover

a generous pour of white wine (or MORE!)

sea salt

freshly cracked black pepper

freshly grated parmesan cheese

Chop the broccoli and discard most of the stems. Cover with vegetable broth, white wine and a dash of sea salt and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Cook until fork-tender.

Reserve the broth, and spoon the broccoli pieces into a food processor or blender. Add some of the broth back in and (CAREFULLY!) puree until well mixed. Be sure to vent the lid if your liquid is still hot when you go to blend.  Head over here for a more scientific explanation of why.

Slowly add more broth until the desired consistency. You’re the one who chopped the broccoli – you decide what you like.

Serve immediately, and top with freshly cracked black pepper, sea salt and loads of fresh parmesan cheese.  if you are sharing with a guest, be sure to serenade them Dana Carvey style.  trust me.  i do it every time.




ps – the real shout-out for tonight’s recipe goes to Gherkin and her hubby – they saw this prepared on a cooking show and immediately made it for themselves and then called me to share the good news of its awesomeness. I could not leave well enough alone and tinkered even further with it, but were it not for Gherkin, none of this would have been made possible. And without Dana Carvey, none of this would have been made funny. So, thank you and good night.


5 thoughts on “She’s Choppin’ Broccoli…Soup

  1. O-M-G this sounds amazing…. but I will be using my new immersion blender- screw fishing pieces out and putting them back in. I chopped the broccoli- I decide!!

  2. jamie – just make sure you dont have too much liquid in the pot…that’s the purpose of taking the broccoli out and just adding the liquid bit by bit to the blender/food processor.

    ps – variations:
    potato & cabbage – YUM
    cauliflower – yum

  3. Ha! I can’t watch any sort of video at work, so hadn’t been able to see this tonight.

    I never watched much television in my younger years, but actually remember this episode!

    My husband claims jihad against all cruciferous vegetables, which I don’t understand. But girl, I think I would like broccoli soup, so you & gherkin are well met and in good company.

    Long live the little trees!

  4. My favorite Dana Carvey skit. Ever.

    Wait. I really love the Church Lady too. It’s a toss up.

    Okay, so I will have that song stuck in my head all day. The funny thing is when I am smocking clothes I sing “Smockin’ brocolli!” (I’ve never told anyone that before but it’s true.).

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