Knit Cupcakes.

I had the privilege of joining my BFF in her new knit group last Thursday night for dinner, wall-to-wall yarn (literally), projects, stories, mowhawks, inspiration, way too much fun, and THESE:

Oh YES. Those are the most in-cred-i-ble cupcakes you will ever behold.
And Gherkin made them herself. Seriously.

The cupcakes were even vegan, a recipe from wannabe’s personal cookbook collection: Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. And apparently they are taking over the blogosphere, too – check it out!
All the yarn “sculptures” were laboriously hand-dyed and hand made from marzipan.
The tutorial for the “knit marzipan” can be found here, and Gherkin’s description of her side of the story can be found here.

Pictured above was the favoured cupcake – nobody was allowed to eat that one because of its awesomeness.

I never even knew that there were such things as knit groups before now. What an encouraging, kind, fun and inspiring group of people! I am so looking forward to our next dinner together! Watcha gonna make NOW, Gherkin? hmmmm?

Um, yeah. She also just knit this shirt for my little cupcake, too.

Talk about a friend with benefits.


6 thoughts on “Knit Cupcakes.

  1. wow those cupcakes are unbelievable!!

    I almost asked you sunday night if you had made her shirt and then got distracted by one of the thousand of kids that were there 🙂 It’s a really cute shirt. What a talented friend you have… you two are good company together!

  2. She is oh so amazing! She needs to open a vegan bakery!

    Thanks for the compliments on my booties. You should learn to knit!

    Your cupcake is adorable!!!! I love how that tank came out!

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