Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere…Crocheted Swiffer "Shrug"

If you look in the upper right-hand corner of my blog, you will see under my profile that I am an expert at making food, eating food and NOT cleaning up after I make or eat the food.

That may change a little now that I have made myself one of these:

Seriously, one of the most rewarding crochet projects ever.

Especially when I have been able to convince my little peeps that swiffering! is fun! yay!
So much so that they were even fighting over whose turn it was. Fighting! is fun! As long as we keep swiffering! yay!

And in case you doubters out there are doubtfully thinking to your doubting selves, “I really doubt that will actually pick anything up off my floor…”

Behold, I have not vacuumed my kitchen in over a week. Or two:

Gross. But cool! (And it’s reversible, yo!)

So, my expertise description has changed somewhat, I suppose. Or at least, the kids’ have.

I think I will let them keep fighting – er, cleaning, in there while I read my new book.


Ps – If you would like to learn to crochet, or need some tips, see some of my links under “crafty mccraftersons” to get started!

6 thoughts on “Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere…Crocheted Swiffer "Shrug"

  1. Do those things pick up Cheerio’s? Cuz if so, I for sure need to learn how to crochet! You know, in my spare time :~)

    And by the way, how on earth do you have time for all these fun little projects? :~)

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