Another sewing "recipe": Pillowcase Skirt, Part I

Hey folks.

Sorry, no food this post around – I am having WAY too much fun with my sewing machine, and need to tell you all about it.

Yes, what you see here is a pillowcase.

Now you see a part of that pillowcase under my sewing machine needle.

And now you see my new pillowcase skirt.

Oh, yeah.

One thrift store.

One dollar.

One afternoon.

One girl who just learned to sew two days ago.

And one cute skirt!

I found this pattern online some years ago, and, as you may recall, have been afraid to put it to any use until now. And now I cannot find the original place this pattern came from, so I apologize! (If you do a search for “pillowcase skirt” you can certainly find any number of instructions.)

Later, I will post my take on the instructions I followed, when I have some time to write it all out. Right now, I need to go make dinner.

In my new skirt, of course.



9 thoughts on “Another sewing "recipe": Pillowcase Skirt, Part I

  1. You GO, girl! You’ve got me yearnin’ to get my machine back into action. Snazzy skirt, I love it ~and those are way cool lanterns.

    • You can add or subtract fabric. My sister loved this walking dead t-shirt and it only cost her $5 but she came to me and said fix it! Just joking. She did say can I help her. I open the seam and added lace. She was so happy. She wears it so much. lol

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