Recipe for a Gypsy Lantern

Remember these?

I have been saving every glass jar we have emptied these past couple months….mustard, cornichons, jellies… (and so has gherkin – thanks!)

And found a few pretty fabrics….

I learned to sew

I printed out instructions from One Hour Craft (how inspring is THAT title? In one hour! A craft! ) on how to make a Gypsy Lantern.

And I made one.

And then I made another.

And I will continue making more until Thanksgiving arrives, where we will be hosting our first ever Thanksgiving in our own home.

It will (hopefully, weather permitting) take place in our backyard, complete with a canopy I plan to make myself (look at me go! go me, go!), a couple smoked turkeys the husband plans to make himself, and many pretty gypsy lanterns to sparkle up our festivities.

I am so excited!


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