A Good Week{beginning}ending

I hope your Saturday morning started off as beautifully as mine:

(Sunrise in Arizona, September 1st, 2007)

I have a love/hate relationship with mornings. I love the beauty of the sun rising and painting the sky with soft, welcoming light, but I hate the waking up part.

But really, when there is such a magnificent display of artwork right in my little corner of the world, how can I feel even the least bit grumpy?

(The same Sunrise in Arizona, just a few moments later, September 1st, 2007)
It’s like I have front row seats to God’s own personal art exibit.

And anyway, enjoying a couple more of these certainly help to push the love/hate issue closer to the warm and fuzzy side of things…

It is bound to be the perfect sort of beginning to a week’s end.

See? Even Ruby dog is happy.

She also likes the sunrise. And mornings in general. And apparently the aforementioned muffin scraps dug up from yesterday’s trash, too.

Have a lovely weekend!


4 thoughts on “A Good Week{beginning}ending

  1. I hate the waking part of the morning, as well. Staying in bed is the best part of the morning, but seeing a beautiful sunrise is definitely worth it!

  2. Hey, I made those Coffee Walnut Chocolate Chip muffins this morning and they are delicious! I posted them on my blog for “Muffin Monday” and linked to you again! Thanks for such delicious recipes.

  3. nancy – i agree – all very much worth waking up for! arizona sunrises and sunsets are some of the most beautiful displays i have ever seen.

    dynagrrl – good to know i am not alone in my dislike of actually rolling out of bed, haha!

    danielle – you totally made my day! thanks for linking to me again – glad you liked ’em! đŸ™‚

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