When life hands you lemons….

…drink lots of tea with lemon,
eat lots of soup with lemon,
and then make limoncello with lots of lemon. (oh yes i did!)

Thank you all for your well wishes, your best get-better-recipes and for all the love.
I have finally returned from ick-land, and have had more than my fill of tea and soup and hot totties and nyquil and tossing and turning and coughing. I have not felt that ill for a long time, and I hope to never feel that sick ever again.

In spite of all the ickyness, I was able to spend a night with a my good friends for a little birthday celebration, and am about to host a little two-year old’s birthday celebration on home turf tomorrow. The plan? The fantabulous ice-cream-cone-cake madness from this month’s Gourmet Magazine.
I have missed being in the kitchen.
Wish me luck.
Especially because I hate frosting cakes.

(Sorry for all the links. I am too tired to actually write anything interesting, so instead, I give you links to everyone else’s stuff.) 🙂


2 thoughts on “When life hands you lemons….

  1. I’ve made those before, and kids love them! Although I’ll admit to cheating: I used canned frosting, because I was pretty damn sure that their palates wouldn’t detect the finesse of a homemade butter cream. Don’t forget the sprinkles!

  2. s’kat – i probably should have cheated on the frosting – the amount of BUTTER in the stuff is frightening!!!
    and no sprinkles this time – how about oreo cookie crumbs? mmmmmm.

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