icky sicky


I am sick today. Fever. Aches (even my teeth!). VERY sore throat. Tired.

Icky sicky poo.

Luckily, I had energy enough to make some Asian chicken noodle soup ( a DH recipe I will certainly post about later. Much later.) for a sick friend yesterday, and have enough left over for poor little me today. And tea. Lots and lots of hot tea with sage blossom honey and lemon.

What do you make to feel better when YOU are icky sicky?

10 thoughts on “icky sicky

  1. Ok, I thought you were about to say that you had enough energy TODAY to make yourself an uber gourmet homemade soup on top of being sick…

    Hope you feel better. Just thinking about your soup makes me feel better! Can I call you next time I’m sick?!?!?!?

  2. i make prayers that ask for me not to get the same sickness after spending the day with you!

    and also that you get better before we try to put together a dinner party in a few days!

  3. Yuck, I hate being sick in the summer.

    I’m pretty fond of tom yum soup when sick (*** peppers hot, to burn away the germs). Get well soon!

  4. Give this one a shot: the juice of a whole lemon, the juice of a whole lime, and a HEAPING tablespoon of honey (creamed is best) in the largest mug or beer stein you can get your hands on. Add boiling water (+/- rum) and mix ’till the honey is melted. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  5. hey everybody! i’m back!

    thank you SO MUCH for all the well wishes and recipes (and thanks court for trying to make fun of me in my time of need….) – i am so grateful for each of you!


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