Not for pansies…

I have been rather busy these days….

And all I can say is that Ikea cabinet assembly is NOT for wimps, pansies, weaklings…
or sane people.

And I assembled two of them to complete my much-longed-for do-it-yourself kitchen island.
(I am not such a fan of the do it yourself part anymore.)

So, until my wounds heal and I actually start cooking something worth your while to hear about, here’s a little visual treat to tide you over – little orange nutmeg muffins I made last weekend for my sister-in-law’s baby shower:

Recipe can be found on Orangette.


8 thoughts on “Not for pansies…

  1. “let’s go meet the pansies!”

    btw, internet world, these were the softest, most delicate muffins i have EVER eaten. and i’ve eaten a LOT of muffins. fo’ realz.

  2. I feel lucky that when Dave came home once and discovered me on the verge of tears in the middle of boards, screwdrivers, screws, nails and other sundry bits, he gently pushed me aside and finished assembling our entertainment unit.

    You’re right, it ain’t for wimps!

    I hope those lovely muffins took some of the pain away.

  3. “i’m steak! me! me! me!”

    also….why can you make (perfect) muffins, but not cupcakes? i mean, aren’t sweet muffins pretty much cupcakes??

    ps – more brownies are in the oven, hee! “they’re crack!”

  4. O. M. G. Made them last night. DELIGHTFUL! And this, from a serious NON baker (whose muffins one can usually use to break a window) : )

  5. s’kat – so sorry you had such a hard time! i actually really enjoy assembling things – these were just a little on the tedious and tiring side! but i did it!
    the muffins did make it all better. that and the soundtrack to spamalot. šŸ™‚

  6. krys – it’s a curse! i don’t know! even my muffins fall flat sometimes.

    powerfille – haha! so glad they turned out well for you. pretty much anything from orangette is certain to please.

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