Where in the world???

It is 12:17 in the afternoon here, and already I have had over 100 visitors to my blog.
To some, that may be child’s play. To me, it rocks!
And check it out! Some of you clicked from a very loooooooong way over……
(Know where I am? See that pushpin on the bottom left of the United States? See it? Yeah, I’m near that one.)

I feel all silly and happy that someone from Malta – Malta! and Africa! and Poland! clicked over to my little world. How cool is this blogger universe.

Hi! I’m Chanelle. I like food. Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you had a great time and come again.

Please take a moment to let me know who you are!
I would love to put a name to the pushpin on my map! 🙂

A little update:

Hellooooooooooooo? Maybe I have ghost visitors. That can be the only explanation for this:

And my TWO comments. One from my new friend Sven. Hi, Sven.



9 thoughts on “Where in the world???

  1. Hi, I’m Carrie. I live about 5 miles from your house. Probably the least impressive of all your pushpins, I know :~) Dude, seriously… Africa?! You are SO cool :~)

  2. carrie – haha! you are hilarious! actually, quite impressive, given how busy you are with little kiddos! thanks for taking the time. 🙂
    and yeah, totally cool, aren’t i? hee!

  3. Hello. My name is Sven. I am Swedish boy who is for cooking. Be please my friend for me pretty girl who also to cooking favors? LOving You and your salads,

    -Sven Gargelsplanken
    (AKA your sister in law who is easily amused)

  4. hello sven. that is quite a lasten namen you have. you musten be a very nice boy, but alas, i am already marriedschpielken. perhapsen you go to looken for a nice sveedish girfrienden to cook you nice hot lingonberries and meatenballsen, no? if you can’t finden someone closen to home, i know of a girl here named cour….

  5. rose – haha! i know! she had me going right until the end. such a stinker. and here i thought i had a nice swedish admirer.

  6. Bonjour! New to this very cool blogger universe. Also part French and in love with every France, visiting Paris for the first time this fall. (Barely speak a word but as long as I know “wine” “bread” and “cheese” I should be good!?) Put a pin in Toronto, Canada! Am I the first? Nice to meet you : )

  7. powerfille(Je comprends, haha!) –
    Enchanté! i totally agree that with the words “wine” “bread” and “cheese” you should get along quite nicely.(me too!)
    good luck on your new venture into the foodie blogosphere. it is awesome. 🙂

  8. Hi Chanelle,
    I am from Vienna in Austria, famous for the Kaffeehäuser, the good Apple strudel and Sachertorte 🙂

    Love your pics, Andrea

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