Dog Days of Summer…..Slaw

The dog days of summer

are here.

One hundred ten degrees today and that is not even a record heat. Phew.

My way to beat the heat is [sit and do nothing] avoid cooking over a hot stove.
Or cooking at all.
I tried coping with this loss by [torturing myself] staring at Matt’s photo of his apricot ice cream. So beautiful I could cry. This took me as far as 11 o’clock. Time for real sustenance. No apricots in sight. And ice cream probably not a good choice for lunch. At least not today.

I will say that chopping a total of three ingredients (yes, K, you read it right, THREE ingredients!) and tossing with a fresh squeeze of lime juice for a simple summer salad isn’t a bad alternative to crying at my computer screen or melting on the sidewalk.

I barely broke a sweat making this crispy, fresh, cool summer “slaw”.

Jicama Slaw
Found in Great Food Fast, by Everyday Food(the kitchens of Martha Stewart Living)

I loosely followed the directions and halved the amounts to make just enough for lunch accommodations, so here is my take.

1/2 medium jicama, peeled and cut into matchsticks
1/2 medium red onion, sliced thin
handful chopped cilantro (rough chop)
juice from two limes
kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper, to taste (be generous!)

Place all ingredients in a serving dish, toss and serve immediately.
This slaw is best served fresh, before the onions color the jicama red and the lime juice breaks down the “crisp factor”.

Happy weekend, all! Stay cool.
And Matt, if you read this, enjoy your ice cream.

8 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer…..Slaw

  1. oooo, three ingredients, my favorite!


    i love jicama.

    i also love your fan pic. πŸ™‚ the thermometer read 111 degrees over here today. ack! but the pool was a cool 86. nice.

  2. It will be close to 107 tomorrow (just over 100 today), and we are in the same situation.

    Unfortch, we can’t get by on just veggie salads ’round here. But I would if I could- I LOVE jicama!!!

    Keep cool, cool, cool.

  3. I love jicama, too. I make a similar salad with halved cherry tomatoes (or whole grape tomatoes), canned black beans, drained, and frozen corn, thawed & drained. Sometimes also some avocado. Yumm!~

  4. there are two problems with this recipe and i will list them now:
    1) “jicama”
    2) “slaw”

    i think i’ve made my point.

  5. sylvia – i wish it were cold here – want to trade? and thank you for stopping by! that always means so much to hear someone enjoys what i do here. πŸ™‚
    krys – i know! this one was dedicated to YOU, haha!
    s’kat – don’t be too shy to make this one a cool sidekick to some hunk of meat – it is quite versatile!
    jamie – yours sounds quite good! i may have to do that as an accompaniment to tacos – yum.
    court – i have two words for you: 1)”missing”
    i think i’ve made MY point. πŸ™‚

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