Holy Cannoli!

I made these, yes I did!

“The cannoli shells, home made” you ask?


“The ricotta filling, home made, too?”

Why, yes.

A very special party planned for a very special friend, put on by two very insane people. Insane people who preserve their own peaches soaked in rum and who make their own cannolis.
And everything else you see on the menu above. Oh yes, we did.


8 thoughts on “Holy Cannoli!

  1. I am impressed!! The menu looks devine. Can you invite me next time? I will you out with the cooking and the tasting.

  2. mmmm, and they WERE holy…. *sigh* i miss them.

    i’m so behind on posting. i have some blurry, fuzzy pictures of the appetizers…. did you get any of those?

  3. rose – why, thank you! and thank you for your offer of help with the cooking and tasting…very generous. 🙂

    krysten – sorry – i do have only one good photo of the olives – all the rest of my photos were blurry, too! i will post the olives soon.

    s’kat – what krysten said. haha!

    sylvia – thank you! the canoli were indeed good, and we had so much fun with that menu. anything with a theme, and i am all over it!

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